About Us

Our Story and Mission

Bohm Boutique was founded in September of 2020, and launched on January 1st, 2021. The founder, Chloe Lee, curates designs in hopes of bringing the trendy and long-lasting styles on your Pinterest board to your closet at an affordable price. We pledge to use our platform to bring light to the Black Lives Matter Movement and mental health awareness. Every bit of awareness can help to transform our world!

Racial Equality and Mental Health

Bohm Boutique proudly donates 10% proceeds each month to a selected organization that addresses racial inequality or mental health awareness. These charities are chosen by our customers at the beginning of each month. We additionally provide services and partner with these organizations to give back to the community. This month, our commitment is to Mind Charity. To learn more about our commitment to these social matters, please look under our page titled Giving Back

Our Social Responsibility

We are aware of the detrimental consequences of fast fashion, so we take great precaution to ensure that we do everything we can in order to do the most ethically, environmentally, and socially. We are dedicated to be socially responsible and to gain a greater knowledge of the supply chain. We only order our products based on projected consumer demand, and because we order in small quantities, we avoid unwanted and excessive products. We believe in affordable clothing rather than cheap clothing; we don't seek to manufacture our products at the lowest price because quality will always prioritize expense. Our goal is that we keep our products affordable as well as long lasting, which contributes to sustainable fashion. Our poly mailers are 100% recycled. Additional information on our packaging can be found below. 

Our Packaging

Bohm uses 100% recycled poly mailers. According to Ecoenclose, these poly mailers are the most recommended eco-friendly mailer:

100% recycled poly mailers...

  • have the lowest CO2 footprint.
  • is 100% recycled, 50% post consumer.
  • are recyclable in thin film bins (95% of Americans have ready access to drop offs).
  • not landfill biodegradable (biodegradability is not desired in a landfill)
  • 100% recycled film typically has a lower carbon footprint than paper and virgin plastics, including compostable bioplastic.

Why do we choose 100% recycled poly mailers over compostable poly mailers? Why are compostable poly mailers not recommended? Learn more at  https://www.ecoenclose.com/compostable-versus-recyclable-mailers-  

Bohm uses 100% recycled white tissue paper. 

100% recycled tissue paper...

  • is 100% post-consumer and post-industrial content
  • have absolutely no virgin fiber content (virgin fiber is not recommended and has detrimental environmental consequences)
  • is fully recyclable and biodegradable
  • is FSC certified


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